Where do we stand

And the irony is,

Every body is protesting for the recent incident brutal death of the wild pragnent elephant in kerla.The growing outrage over the nation.

Authorities started taking actions, media houses are active.social media campaigns are run for justice,  Humans must be strictly punished for inflicting such suffering to this poor animal.  

My concern is not just for this elephant but for all the animals who are slaughtered. As a human, we many a times eat flesh but none of us gives a thought that we are consuming some living beings like us. 

And when social media is throwing a light upon this incident of pregnant elephant, we are just thinking about that elephant, even though we have been eating those slaughtered animals everyday from years. 

People in social media are just spreading this news of pregnant elephant like a fire but in real life they are not taking actions on their part. It turns a mirror on the people who consume them. These animals should be slaughtered humanely, sadly this doesn’t always happen. Let’s treat our animals with love and bring an end to these cowardly acts.

#Justice is equal for all


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