It is not easy to be normal everytime
anxiety ,uneasiness starts 3 days before and lasts for 5 more days….
Be prepared babe
It’s goona be…
Finally that awkward and embarassing moment
You can’t tell to anyone
Becoz, it seems like a big blunder
Just Go to a corner of the house,
And get treated like untouchables
It’s okk I accepted
It’s natural process we have to go through it
But whom to tell ,
that mind numbing pain
Lying down on the bed with heavy pains and cramps, crying alone in despair
” From mood swings to anxiety
From restless days to sleepless nights
From Avoiding food to indigestion “
Issues if get early, complications if get late
This untimely is so unfair
But I am dealing.

I am not complainting , but at the time you came to know, you must understand and support, nothing else just moral support is enough.


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