It is not easy to be normal everytime
anxiety ,uneasiness starts 3 days before and lasts for 5 more days….
Be prepared babe
It’s goona be…
Finally that awkward and embarassing moment
You can’t tell to anyone
Becoz, it seems like a big blunder
Just Go to a corner of the house,
And get treated like untouchables
It’s okk I accepted
It’s natural process we have to go through it
But whom to tell ,
that mind numbing pain
Lying down on the bed with heavy pains and cramps, crying alone in despair
” From mood swings to anxiety
From restless days to sleepless nights
From Avoiding food to indigestion “
Issues if get early, complications if get late
This untimely is so unfair
But I am dealing.

I am not complainting , but at the time you came to know, you must understand and support, nothing else just moral support is enough.



The story of a common man often coincides with each other, he dreams a lot, but somewhere he is not able to fulfill them.I daily meet lot of people, talk to them , listen their stories, share mine…

I daily meet lot of people, talk to them , listen their stories, share mine…

Few days ago , I met a boy he was working in a tech company, basically he was learning coding  ( trend now a days ).
He was not comfortable in sharing his story but
After talking for sometime, He told about himself ,

” I was pondered weak and weary and re calling There are memories I’ll remember
All my life, though some have changed
Some have gone, and some remain
A long long time ago I can still remember everything,
My childhood was so full of tussle like every middle class child , lots of dreams in the eyes and desire to fulfill them !
A small family of four members living simple life,  and had seen the struggle since childhood.
Then after completing my Sr. Secondary education, how i dreamt of doing from a prestigious university . Unfortunately I can’t my family can’t afford that.  Later on I was completely broke after my father left suddenly.
Being an elder son , all the responsibilities of the family fell on me.
So I joined college for BA , even if I don’t want to. I always regrets of my bad habit of taking decisions in a hurry. How i wasted my 2 years , it could be productive but it’s okk there’s no point of regretting now .
But now I can say life is going well , thats what actually matters. I am learning new things, got the job of my intrest, working hard to fulfill my dreams.
Some times there are the things that bothers me a lot,  But music helps a lot , that’s the only hobby I have.
“How is it that music can, without words, evoke our laughter, our fears, our highest aspirations.”

I loved talking to him , He has a very positive attitude. He is a self motivated boy, who has no complaints about his work and his life, and knows very well that, as much struggle in his life is there in the life of a common man,
He is very keen to tell that there are many opportunities in the world, it is too late to find the right opportunity and work hard to fulfill your dreams.